The LifeSource mission is to strengthen our community by providing customized assistance to families in need. Our approach is balanced and holistic — we offer food, clothing, adult education programs, after school and summer camp programs for children, counseling, Senior Saturday lunches, and community outreach meals. We maximize the impact of every donation, helping to strengthen families and build our community. We serve more than 62,000 individuals, children, and families in need every year.  We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who supports us. We couldn’t help so many of our neighbors without your generosity.


Walmart Foundation Donates $87,500 to LifeSource

Jimmie Conduff tries out a new forklift purchased through a gift from the Walmart Foundation.

Jimmie Conduff tries out a new forklift purchased through a gift from the Walmart Foundation.

The Walmart Foundation has awarded LifeSource International of Fayetteville, AR, $87,500 to support its food pantry program, purchase a forklift, buy new software and help fund the salary of a full-time pantry director and outreach coordinator.

“The grant will support not only the pantry, but also our efforts to expand our capacity to feed and serve more of our neighbors,” said Jimmie Conduff, LifeSource executive director. “We plan to buy new software to better track the people who visit us, their needs, and the outcome of our help. A full time outreach coordinator will help us better track our inventory and work with local vendors to pick up food directly from them, thereby saving us money on our food purchase costs. We are deeply grateful to the Walmart Foundation for this vital support in our efforts to grow more efficient and productive.”

LifeSource is a charity founded in 2001 as a small food pantry. Today LifeSource serves more than 63,500 people each year in Northwest Arkansas for free through seven programs: a food and clothing pantry, an after-school and summer camp program for youth, adult education classes, counseling, Senior Saturday lunches, a community outreach meal once a month and medical referrals.

In 2001, the same year LifeSource was founded, a great recession hit America, leaving millions of families facing touch choices, such as whether to pay the electric bill or buy food for dinner. More than one in seven Americans visits a food pantry every month. The elderly, children, and the disabled are among the hardest hit.

The statistics for Arkansas are disheartening. At 19.7%, Arkansas ranks among the highest in the nation in household food insecurity. Fully 28.4% of Arkansas children are food insecure, with 29% living below the poverty level. And Arkansas has the highest rate in the nation of elderly who struggle with food insecurity.

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